Streets of fury 2 !

Yes, it’s on its way.

With some sweet tracks from K93 once again.


Will be available on PC.


Stay tuned…


Japanese are crazy !!! + UNLOCK ALL code

I just found a whole wiki page on Streets of Fury :
It is amazing. Very detailed.
Apparently they’ve played a lot and have found a bunch of interesting strategies, even us who made the game learned some things.

Well done guys. You deserve a reward, here’s the « unlock all » code :
At the title screen hold left on the D-Pad + RB + Y then press A, you should hear « Fire geyser » as a confirmation.


Press Kit and Official Youtube Playlist

You can download a press kit with various infos and screenshots here.

You can check out our official video playlist for game footage here.

Official market place link :

Contact :


Streets Of Fury Music

You already know it, Streets Of Fury features some cool tracks from Oryx, PitDa and K93.

You can check Oryx stuff here.

You can download SOF Original Sound Track here.


New combo video

Check out a new combo video featuring Big Cheng!


Streets of Fury trial playthrough

A bunch of sympathic bloggers reviewed SoF.

You can see the trial playthrough :


Post your highscores !

Post your highscores in the appropriate section.

Let’s see who brings fury in the street the most!