Thank you for playing !

If you liked the demo, we are pleased to say we have been greenlighted by steam  !


To know when the game will be out, and get news about Streets of Fury EX,  

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Thank you for playing !

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    • Demo exists but for now we’re keeping it in closed beta. Please send an email to to be a candidate for the next beta. Thank you 🙂

    • Ooh, a bonus unlockable mode where you can just play the special stages would be a cool addition at some point! Maybe with high score tables, tweakable options, etc! I’m excited regardless though!

      • Custom mode really allows you to mess with the game :p Like slowing or speeding everybody, multiply enemis, have infinite fury and more. You should be able to fully customize your experience ^^

  1. i`m wondering who is one of your favorite character on the steam picture list ??
    i like to try the guy with the weapon

    • Well, I love them all :p
      Kenji, the guy with the weapon is indeed very powerful.
      Stay tune as there will be some news soon 🙂

  2. Hey if the game don’t come out this month can we get info on Thursday ?? (Thanksgiving)

    • Unfortunately the game will not come out this month but for a good reason. We’re are adding a new game mode ! We’ll make a announcement this week.

  3. i playing streets of fury on my phone and see what type of fps ill get and it was running smooth

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