Streets of Fury EX release date

(Edit) Steam version should be released around November. Stay tuned for a release date. Other PC stores, and IOS version will follow …

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  1. how a bout a new picture ? oh i think on the announcement area of the steam community you should put the month when it comes out

  2. i worked on this for a week and a longer version coming i wanted to show you

  3. Wow ! Great work ! I’ll always be amazed by the enthusiasm players have for the games they play ! I really hope you’ll like SoF EX !

  4. any hype coming soon from any gaming page ? and did you know about the indie beat em ups games coming to the WiiU ?

    • We’re working hard on the game itself, as we’re just 2 people we will do some hype work after we finish the game, but we already have people from big gaming site interested in making some news and stories about he game, we’re just waiting for now.
      No I d’ont know about these WiiU games, can you tell me more please ?

    • Yes… We’re still working hard on the game for it to have as much content as we can put in it ! The character roster is nearly done. Campaign is under heavy reconstruction and should be more fun and challenging. We’re putting our effort on finishing the game and then we’ll make some announcements. Thank you for your support !


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