Streets of Fury EX : Gameplay changes

Gameplay system and controls have changed in Streets Of Fury EX, here are some changes.

New controls :

X : combo attack

Y : launcher attack

B : special attack

A : jump

L : guard

R + attack : fury


Now you switch between planes with up+Jump or down+jump, the character doesn’t slide like before but « hops » into the plane allowing the possibility of an air attack.

X : combo attack is your typical button-mashing auto combo, can be modified with a direction for different combos

Y : launcher attack is a single attack that can be linked after any combo attack hit, allowing the player to create his own combo.  Can be modified with a direction for different type of launchers (up in the air, slam on the ground etc.)

B : special attack. A powerful special move that depletes the character’s « stamina » gauge. Can be linked after any move (but a fury). Can be modified with a direction for different special moves.

Stamina gauge : allow the player to perform special moves. Regenerates with time. Stamina is depleted if you’re hit when blocking. A GUARD CRUSH occurs if you block a hit with you’re stamina gauge empty.

GUARD CRUSH : Your guard explodes, you’re left defenseless for a couple of second.


Of course you can GUARD CRUSH ennemies !

Overall, possibilities of creating your own combos are so much more, I hope you’ll enjoy it.

6 commentaires

    • ohh i see thanks you it stands out from other games that why i love the slide mechanic

  1. Changing the button layout is a pretty big shake up. And the stamina bar idea interest me.

    In the original SoR I would pretend that my guy was a mech from Code Geass who was electric sliding everywhere.

    • Haha ! Sliding is still here though it’s double tap direction and normal plane shifting is a little jump. The stamina brings a lot of depth to the gameplay. Gameplay is now super tight and easy to understand, I can’t wait for people to test it ! Especially 4 player VS mode, it is so much fun with guard crush and jumping plane shift ! There’s still a lot of work to do, stay tuned for an update in january.

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