Streets of fury 2 !

Yes, it’s on its way.

With some sweet tracks from K93 once again.


Will be available on PC.


Stay tuned…


37 commentaires

      GOT half the game and i play it every day i would play that more then c.o.d

  1. oh more thing is it gonna have its 4 player co-op like before and maybe a online mode ?

    • 4 player co-op and VS yes.
      online is a bit tricky, probably not at launch but in an update

  2. will the game for pc will allow logitech controllers ? and will any pictures or
    teaser trailer coming soon ? ( im t00 excited to wait )

    • Yes, the game will allow any kind of controller, we’re working to have maximum compatibility. As for some pictures or teaser… Hmmm. I don’t think we’re ready to show something yet. The game is running, with tons of new fun characters, gameplay is here, but currently we don’t have any backgrounds or special effects, it will probably be produced last since we’re focusing on fine gameplay tunning, tons of characters, new IA and enemies and bosses ! Thanks for your kind words, we’ll try to show something soon nonetheless ^^

  3. oh and one last thing are you going to put your game on kickstarter to show everyone the game ?

    • It’s our intent to show everyone the game. We’re thinking in many ways to do it. Steam greenlight and kickstarter are indeed possibilities but I can’t confirm either yet. We’ll keep you posted, thank you 😉

      • Do you guys are gonna have a trailer out soon ? And can this game pc use controllers ?

      • Game will allow controllers, as for a trailer, gameplay is very advanced in development but with have currently no backgrounds :p
        What I didn’t say too, is that we’ve reworked the gameplay a bit, expect more combos 😉

      • MORE COMBOS ! Thats what i love , That’s cool do you guys have a Facebook page ? Also my fav character on Streets of fury (I) is Sam I am that spartan kick is funny and powerful, , will the same characters will be on there and new ?

      • Streets of Fury 2 will feature a whole new cast. But, maybe you’ll find a secret to allow you to play with characters from SOF 1 😉

    • It is technically possible. It could be ported on Android too. We’re looking for that matter too.

      • OH my GOD you made my day FOR THIS INFO guys
        , i was also wondering did you guys try to use scan yourself in the game from left to right stances ?

    • I should put a post on how we’re making a character. Actually we’re making digitalized graphics game since hmmm fifteen years I think. Technology as evolved of course but we’re basically using the same technique as mortal kombat back in the days, the results are just better now :p

      • so this time will the game combos will be faster then before ?

      • Depends on the character you’ll use. But basically it’s the combos possibilities we’ve improved. You can really express yourself now, combos are not designed by us, we offer the tools, you do the combos with a original cancel system. Juggles have been improved too.

        that song was from k93 ?

      • Yes, it’s from my man K93 ! I love this track too ! SOF 2 will feature something like 30 new tracks from him. « Im sorry ! Han ! »

      • I hope for a remix for the piano part So much , oh yeah do enemies blow up
        When they get beating up that

      • Overkill blow up is still here yes.

      • Lmfao that made ending boss battle funny , do k93 have a sound cloud

      • UNfortunately he doesn’t have a sound cloud. But streets of fury sound cloud should be up soon. I’ll post a message very soon.

  4. so how the game fighting style ways is like ,.. mk , killer instant , street fighter ect ,?

    • I think it’s pretty unique, though of course inspired by many great games. We’re fans of all fighting games, even obscure ones ;p

      • Alright , Theres something I started to think about Remeber the guy that tried to join your gang
        Then your people kick him out
        Then turn bad and made everyone turn eachother
        Will he make a return ?

    • Game will have way more content. We want to make something worth people expectations !


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