Streets Of Fury 2 ?

A sequel has been started. Will it be Streets Of Fury 2 or something else ? We don’t know yet but it will be a beat ’em all with a deep fighting system.

For now we’re working on improving our engine render. So next game will look much much nicer.


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  1. Ah F$CK YEA. I cannot wait.

    But you guys absolutely need to have some kind of marketing campaign this time. Or at least get some internet celebrities in it.

    Hell, with your motion capturing system from the first game you can actually include the celebrities in it as enemies of some kind. Or at least as NPCs in the background.

    I recommend Angry Joe and famous French gamer/nerd/game video maker Benzaie (who actually mentioned the first game in a video of his).
    I know Angry Joe has a green screen and I am almost positive that Benzaie also has a green screen so you could have them just send a green screen video if they cannot come over to your location.

    I hope Buddy Carmichael is in the next game.

    • Thank you !

      As a matter of fact I happen to know Benzaie 😉 So maybe :p
      We will try to make things big for SOF 2 so don’t expect the game to come out soon :p
      Thank you again for your support and spread the fury !

      • I only remember that in one of his videos he mentioned briefly mentioned that SoF was getting an HD upgrade. Shortly after posting the previous comment one of my friends mentioned that he had actually done a big video with interviews and everything. But since it wasn’t listed on the front page of TGWTG or Blistered Thumbs I didn’t know about it.

        Anyway, blah blah blah, my point still stands.

        One of the biggest drawbacks from the first game was that the villains used the same models as the heroes. Most beat em ups have distinct enemy sprites which (obviously) makes them easy to differentiate from the player and lets the player know what they can and cannot do in terms of combat; but it also gives them character and a personality. So distinct enemy sprites would be a big improvement in the sequel.

      • Yes we are aware of that problem, the fact was that we had memory issue so it wasn’t possible to fit more than 5 characters in the memory, but now the issue has been taken care of, so expect unique enemies and characters.

  2. WOWZERS. youy guys are actually still looking at this. I came here cause i was looking through my library and saw this game then remembered the website.

  3. I JUST finished playing ALL the way to the end of the game. It was a GREAT battle! But please in part two… Can you at least take a photo of ALL the people of the characters in the game and either make a BIG color photo layout like the end of Street Fighter II (with all the characters)

  4. Streets of Fury was hands down the best independent game I’ve ever played on all 3 of my systems.. It is 1 of the few games that I downloaded and played until I am locked every single character possible.. please because I will literally count it down until it is released.. There is nothing better than having for people four heads on 1 screen kicking the crap out of the computer..this has got to be 1 of the best Christmas surprises ever!!

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