Japanese are crazy !!! + UNLOCK ALL code

I just found a whole wiki page on Streets of Fury : http://www29.atwiki.jp/indies/pages/51.html
It is amazing. Very detailed.
Apparently they’ve played a lot and have found a bunch of interesting strategies, even us who made the game learned some things.

Well done guys. You deserve a reward, here’s the « unlock all » code :
At the title screen hold left on the D-Pad + RB + Y then press A, you should hear « Fire geyser » as a confirmation.



3 commentaires

  1. Where is the english version, I need this man.
    Also, be careful with « japs ». I do not consider it offensive or anything but some people do for some reason.

  2. haha, i’ll post a faq soon with some of the info you need to master the game 😉
    PS : Of course I didn’t mean to offense anybody so corrected. Thank you. Stay tuned for an update of the game soon.

  3. Hey man, are you guys gonna make a sequel? this game was suprisingly awesome. I was amazed on how rich the combat system turned out to be.


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