A game by Cyrille Lagarigue and Jordi Asensio.

Programming : Cyrille Lagarigue
Character and level scripting : Jordi Asensio
Additional programming : Paul Baudron
Title screen, Paul’s costume, photo shot and retouching : Amandine Gardie
Cover layout : Celia Asensio
Music : Oryx (, K93, Pitda
Sound effects : Jordi Asensio
Actors : Jordi Asensio, William Tang, Jean Claude Edmond, Paul Baudron
Background graphics : Cyrille Lagarigue, Julien Joubert
Button graphics by Jeff Jenkins,
Text editing : Jeffrey Yohalem
Thanks to : Julien Fort, Thomas Texier, Laurent Masherpa, Remi Mennerat, Ted Scotto, Fabien Legeron, Alexandre Scriabine, Charles Leclerc, and all the playtesters.


2 commentaires

  1. Thanks for bringing this old school styled game to Xbox360!! i love it. i was playing it today and AWESOME!! Memorial to Left-Eye! Yea, I saw it. Also, was the other Aliyah? THANKS!! I’ll be reviewing it just as soon as my cousin Kev, take a look at it. I LOVE the animation of the characters and the special moves are so wild they are funny. Normally i HATE palette swaps, but I LOVE yours as they aren’t the ‘normal’ palette swaps. Cool! My Xbox360 Gamertag is: warrengonline. Thanks again!

    • Thank you so much guys. I will post some making of assets in the next days, so stay tuned and spread the fury.

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