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16 December 2014 - Leave a Response

The Alpha version of Streets of Fury EX will be tested live on this wednesday at 5.00PM (GMT).


Thanks to our friends @

Check it out !

Thank you for playing !

29 March 2014 - 16 Responses

If you liked the demo, we are pleased to say we have been greenlighted by steam  !


To know when the game will be out, and get news about Streets of Fury EX,  

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Thank you for playing !

Streets of Fury EX release date

22 January 2014 - 14 Responses

(Edit) Steam version should be released around November. Stay tuned for a release date. Other PC stores, and IOS version will follow …

Streets of Fury EX : Gameplay changes

17 October 2013 - 6 Responses

Gameplay system and controls have changed in Streets Of Fury EX, here are some changes.

New controls :

X : combo attack

Y : launcher attack

B : special attack

A : jump

L : guard

R + attack : fury


Now you switch between planes with up+Jump or down+jump, the character doesn’t slide like before but “hops” into the plane allowing the possibility of an air attack.

X : combo attack is your typical button-mashing auto combo, can be modified with a direction for different combos

Y : launcher attack is a single attack that can be linked after any combo attack hit, allowing the player to create his own combo.  Can be modified with a direction for different type of launchers (up in the air, slam on the ground etc.)

B : special attack. A powerful special move that depletes the character’s “stamina” gauge. Can be linked after any move (but a fury). Can be modified with a direction for different special moves.

Stamina gauge : allow the player to perform special moves. Regenerates with time. Stamina is depleted if you’re hit when blocking. A GUARD CRUSH occurs if you block a hit with you’re stamina gauge empty.

GUARD CRUSH : Your guard explodes, you’re left defenseless for a couple of second.


Of course you can GUARD CRUSH ennemies !

Overall, possibilities of creating your own combos are so much more, I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Streets of Fury EX Steam greenlight

17 September 2013 - 19 Responses

Streets of Fury EX steam greenlight campaign is ON !!!

Spread the fury people !

Streets of Fury Facebook page + announcement

17 September 2013 - Leave a Response

Streets of fury facebook page is up :


We will launch steam greenlight campaign very soon.


Streets of Fury EX is coming to PC, Android and iPhone !


Stay tuned !

Streets of fury music is back online !

11 July 2013 - 6 Responses

Streets of fury music is back online !

Sound cloud for Streets of fury music has been created !

Streets of fury 2 !

4 May 2013 - 37 Responses

Yes, it’s on its way.

With some sweet tracks from K93 once again.


Will be available on PC.


Stay tuned…

Streets Of Fury 2 ?

17 October 2011 - 9 Responses

A sequel has been started. Will it be Streets Of Fury 2 or something else ? We don’t know yet but it will be a beat ’em all with a deep fighting system.

For now we’re working on improving our engine render. So next game will look much much nicer.

Japanese are crazy !!! + UNLOCK ALL code

30 November 2009 - 3 Responses

I just found a whole wiki page on Streets of Fury :
It is amazing. Very detailed.
Apparently they’ve played a lot and have found a bunch of interesting strategies, even us who made the game learned some things.

Well done guys. You deserve a reward, here’s the “unlock all” code :
At the title screen hold left on the D-Pad + RB + Y then press A, you should hear “Fire geyser” as a confirmation.



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